Global Marketing Strategy of Starbucks 

Starbucks is the premium retail coffee chain brand and the company is operating its business in more than 70 countries across the world. Starbucks employs various types of marketing strategies to gain a competitive edge and maintain its position in the market. Today, we’ll discuss the global marketing strategy of Starbucks; it will focus on the key elements involved in the strategic approach of the retail coffee chain brand; the digital marketing strategy of Starbucks global marketing strategy.

The new mission statement of Starbucks is as follows;

“To inspire and nurture the human spirit; one person, one cup, and one neighborhood at a time.”

The target market segmentation of Starbucks is as follows;

  • Approaching customers beyond the storefront
  • Easy and flexible to change
  • Health conscious customers
  • Early adopters of technology
  • Urban and city people
  • High-income professionals and families

Global Marketing Strategy of Starbucks 

Some of the key elements in the global marketing strategy of Starbucks are as follows;

Starbucks Loyalty Programs

In order to increase repetitive customers, Starbucks offers various types of loyalty programs. “Named My Starbucks Reward” is a program that requires customers to download the mobile application, sign up, and register for the reward program. After the completion of the purchase, it rewards your account; it allows you to manage the program online via mobile devices or computers. The program accepts both online and card payments from customers.

Starbucks has a network of more than 18.9 million active members and customers of this program as of 2020. The retail chain brand achieved a significant following through this program that only limited companies could attain. The repetitive business customers would help the company in the following ways;

  • Engaging and connecting with customers at a higher level
  • Offering personalized rewards
  • Promoting other drinks
  • Employing data by analyzing their purchasing history

Loyalty programs play a key role in the marketing and business growth and development of the company. It allows you to improve the customer satisfaction level and establish better relationships with customers that would increase profitability and customer retention rate.

Connecting & Engaging with Customers

One of the key reasons for Starbucks growth and success is that the company connects and engages in communication with its customers. The communication ranges from comments and reviews on social media posts to the in-store transaction point interaction. The retail chain brand has always maintained a supportive, consistent, and appealing tone while communicating with its customers.

Starbucks doesn’t always directly interact with its customers, the communication is rather figurative. The language of interaction would be influential if the communication is indirect; the printed material is a great example of indirect interaction.

Social Media Marketing of Starbucks

Social media is a part of the digital marketing strategy of Starbucks, and it helps the company to establish a culture that the marketing team of the company is proud of. The focus of the retail brand is to develop a much broader social media platform and network and share content on various channels to connect with customers. However, the company divides and segments its broader content into smaller units for different social media platforms and channels. It means separate content for every different channel to target different types of audiences.

Starbucks encourages its users to take a photo or selfie with its drinks and beverages and post it on social media. The company would use these photos in its digital marketing campaigns. It allows them to share information on deals receive referrals for the company’s events; and receive brand ambassadors and advocates for the company.

Studies have shown that the ordinary public is 2.4 times more likely to see authentic user-created content, rather than the marketing content of the company. It establishes the trust between potential customers and the company.

In-store Starbucks Marketing

Starbucks invests a significant amount of resources in-store market in terms of creating store locations welcoming, catchy, charming, and attractive. The retail coffee brand has offered free WiFi service in all of its stores since 2002. However, it motivates customers to spend a longer duration of time in-store and increases their customer satisfaction level. Starbucks Global Marketing Strategy. 

The in-store ads would promote the new products of the company and offer the benefits of loyalty programs; they spread awareness and generate demand among customers. The retail coffee brand conducts market research by employing customer data; it provides key insight into customer preferences, behavior, and sales.

CSR of Starbucks

Starbucks engages in various types of CSR (corporate social responsibility) projects. It has elevated the company’s position as a social activity organization at the location and global level. For instance, Starbucks has established its store space as LGBT-friendly and people for with all types of preferences. The retail coffee brand also donates millions of dollars to the humanitarian projects of migrants and refugees annually.

According to an estimate, Starbucks has employed more than 10,000 military veterans in its workplaces; many appreciate this step across the country. The socially responsible approach of Starbucks has attracted the attention of customers and people worldwide.


Starbucks offers various types of products and services in different regions, and the consistency modifies its stores. There are different styles, but the main experience remains the same. Visit any of the stores of Starbucks, you will receive the same taste and same experience across the world. The consistency and uniformity of the brand help the company to establish a loyal database of customers. However, Starbucks’ logo has gone through small changes over time, but it has remained the same over time.

Mobile Application of Starbucks

The goal of the mobile app of Starbucks is to make it easier for customers to visit the store and place orders. Many Starbucks users and customers have installed the company’s app on their smartphones; it allows them to order online and pickup on-store with a little pause. The coffee chain brand performs roundabout 20% of all of its transactions online through its application. Some of the key benefits of the company’s mobile application are as follows;

  • Free drinks and beverages on frequent usage of the app
  • Customer reward programs
  • Loyalty cards
  • Referral programs

Conclusion: Starbucks Global Marketing Strategy

After an in-depth study of the global marketing strategy of Starbucks; we have realized that Starbucks is the world’s leading retail coffee chain brand. If you are learning about Starbucks global marketing strategy; then you should keep in mind the abovementioned elements and digital marketing strategy of Starbucks.

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