Marketing Mix of Amazon 

Amazon is a tech giant, cloud computing, online advertising, digital streaming, AI, and e-commerce American multinational company. Jeff Bezos established the tech company as an e-commerce platform in 1994. Today, we’ll discuss the marketing mix of Amazon; and the 4Ps and 7Ps elements involved in the mix; product mix, price, place, promotion, people, process, and physical evidence of the tech company as a marketing mix company example.

The marketing mix of Amazon would analyze the 4Ps of Amazon and the 7Ps of Amazon elements involved in the mix; product, price, place, promotion, people, process, and physical evidence. Here’s the Amazon marketing mix as follows;

Marketing Mix of Amazon 

Let’s discuss the 4Ps and 7Ps elements involved in the marketing mix of Amazon and they’re as follows;

Product Mix Strategy of Amazon

I-AWS (Amazon Web Services)

The AWS segment of Amazon offers various services relevant to databases, storage, cloud computing, and others. It satisfies the needs and requirements of academic institutions, government agencies, startups, developers, and companies of all sizes.

II-Media & Video Streaming

The media segment of Amazon offers various services ranging from online advertisement, and cloud computing and video streaming. The company has been expanding its media segment by acquiring a new movie studio; with the objective of strengthening the company’s position in the media industry.

III-Consumer Electronics Devices

According to an estimate, approximately more than 100 million electronic devices are connected to the company’s platform Alexa. In the consumer electronics segment, Amazon offers various products Eco, TVs, tablets, kindle e-readers, and many others.

IV-Amazon E-commerce Platform

The e-commerce platform of Amazon offers hundreds of millions of products and services in thousands of categories of products and services to customers. The company has earned the reputation of “the store” that offers everything.

Price Strategy of Amazon

I-Seasonal Sale

The sales and business of Amazon are heavily reliant on particular seasons. For instance, the 4th quarter generates a significant amount of sales for the company. The seasonal nature of the business greatly impacts the pricing strategy of the company.

II-Cost Leadership

Amazon puts a lot of emphasis on the cost leadership strategy of the company. It allows the company to offer low prices to the customers and gain a competitive edge in the market. However, the company keeps on revising the pricing of its products based on various factors.

III-Premium Pricing

Amazon also implements a premium pricing strategy for premium products and services. In fact, the company has earned a significant portion of the customer market share in the premium products and services segment. For instance, Kindle Direct Publishing offers 70% to the authorizes for making their books available to the Kindle reader.

IV-Penetration Pricing

In order to increase sales and attract the attention of customers, Amazon implements a penetration pricing strategy. Some of them are as follows;

  • Geographical pricing
  • Promotional pricing
  • Product line pricing
  • Psychological pricing
  • Price skimming

Various pricing strategies help the tech giant and e-commerce Company to earn interest, per-unit activity fees, percentages of sales, and fixed fees. a

Place Strategy of Amazon

I-E-commerce Platform

Amazon is an e-commerce platform and it relies on the internet connection to connect with customers and conduct its operations. The tech has established a network of physical stores that allows customers to shop for anything, and it would deduct the amount from their accounts automatically.

II-Warehouses & Fulfillment Centers

Amazon has established a network of very large warehouses and fulfillment centers in various regions across the world. They help the company approach the mass audience, and manage the returns, and unsorted items. However, the products move from the fulfillment centers and distribution centers to the end consumers.

III-Partnership with 3PL

Amazon develops partnerships and alliances with the 3PL (3rd party logistics) service providers to deliver products in those areas where the company isn’t doing business. 3PLs alliances and partnerships increase the company’s market and global customer reach.

Promotion Strategy of Amazon

I-Aggressive Marketing

Amazon implements aggressive marketing and advertisement campaigns for the promotion of its products and brands. The company employs various media channels and platforms to approach the mass audience. In order to increase its sales and conversion rate, Amazon develops and launches creative TV commercials, content marketing, and SEO marketing.

II-Affiliate Programs

Amazon also launches various types of affiliate programs by allowing blogs and websites to promote Amazon’s products on their platform and earn a significant amount of commission.

III-Sales Promotion

Amazon has achieved great mastery in sales promotion by offering discounts and coupons on specific seasons, festivals, and holidays to increase its sales.


Amazon successfully employs the public relations (PR) marketing strategy to strengthen the company’s brand image by denoting various types of charities. The company has partnered up with various NGOs and sends various gifts to poor and needy children.

We just have discussed the 4Ps of Amazon’s marketing mix; the remaining three elements are part of the 7Ps of Amazon’s marketing mix.

People Strategy of Amazon

Amazon places a significant emphasis on the growth and development of its employees and workforce to become a desirable and ideal employer. The company offers its employees various types of benefits; equity plans, vacations, assistance programs, financials, and health. Tech giant brand has established a network of 1684,853 employees and they work round the clock to complete deliveries across the globe.

Process of Amazon

Amazon is a web service provider and e-commerce platform and the company engages in various processes to efficiently perform various functions and operations. Some of them are as follows;

  • Advertisement and marketing
  • Business technology
  • Fulfillment centers
  • Warehousing

The robots help the company manage inventory in the warehouse; the company is also developing drone technology for quick and efficient deliveries.

Physical Evidence of Amazon

Amazon’s e-commerce platform, worldwide product deliveries, company logo, warehouses, fulfillment centers, and distribution network are the physical evidence of the company’s existence in the market.

Conclusion: Amazon Marketing Mix | 4Ps of Amazon Marketing Mix & 7Ps of Amazon Marketing Mix 

After an in-depth study of the marketing mix of Amazon; we have realized that Amazon is the world’s leading e-commerce platform and tech company. If you are learning about the Amazon marketing mix; then you should keep in mind the abovementioned elements involved in the 4Ps and 7Ps of Amazon; product, price, place, promotion, people, process, and physical evidence.

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