Brand Analysis of Celine

CELINE is a French luxury fashion brand. Celine Vipiana founded the luxury fashion brand in 1945; currently, it has established a network of approximately 178 boutiques and luxury fashion stores in various countries worldwide. Today, we’ll discuss the brand analysis of Celine strategic analysis; it focuses on mission, vision, values; customer reviews, social media presence, marketing campaign analysis, web and social media traffic, customer journey, and target audience demographic.

Brand Analysis of Celine

Let’s discuss the brand analysis of Celine; some of the main elements involved in the Celine brand analysis are as follows;

Mission, Vision, and Value of Celine

The mission, vision, and values of CELINE are clear and they focus on agility, sincerity, and value value-based system. The French luxury brand considers everyone a brand ambassador and stakeholder with the objective of producing genuine, sincere, and beautiful products. However, they empower women and offer them the opportunity to live and dress joyfully.

LVMH is the parent company of CELINE; the mission statement of LVMH is as follows;

“Our business model is anchored in a long-term vision that builds on the heritage of our houses and stimulates excellence and creativity. This model drives the success of our group and it assures its promising future.”

Customer Reviews and Feedback about Celine

The online customers’ reviews about CELINE’s products and their experience with the brand, customer support service, and refund are both positive and negative. Some customers have a positive experience with CELINE’s products; a vast majority of customers have a negative experience with the fashion products and accessories of CELINE.

Social Media Presence of Celine

CELINE has approximately 7 million followers on Instagram and 2.369 million followers and likes on Facebook. The French luxury brand has established a very large network over social media platforms. However, the fashion brand regularly shares the latest fashion products, new developing trends, styles, and designs to drive motivation and shopping desires among customers.

Along with product updates, CELINE also shares videos of models and products in the natural landscape to give the impression of richness, luxury, and adventurous lifestyle.

Marketing Campaign Analysis of Celine

CELINE runs various types of marketing and advertisement campaigns for the promotion of its brand and luxury fashion products and services. The luxury fashion brand employs various media channels both traditional and digital media channels. For instance, the company has published its ads in leading magazines like Harper’s Bazaar, Vogue, and others. Some of the main celebrities and public figures that CELINE has collaborated for brand endorsements are as follows;

  • Blake Lively
  • Luka Sabbat
  • Travis Scott

The marketing and advertisement campaigns of CELINE, retail fashion store network, and fashion shows focus on building a strong relationship with customers. The company values brand loyalty and invites its loyal customers for limited and exclusive offers.

Web and Social Media Traffic of Celine

CELINE has approximately 2.8 monthly visitors and they spend roundabout 1.57 minutes of time on its platform. The top traffic-sourcing countries are the USA, Korea, Japan, France, the UK, and others. Out of these, 66% of the web traffic and visitors are females and 33% are males. However, the traffic and visitors come from following social media platforms;

  • YouTube 36%
  • Reddit 28%
  • Pinterest 25%
  • Instagram 40%
  • Instagram 4.07%
  • Facebook 1.92%
  • Others 3.71%

The types of products CELINE checks and visits on its platform are as follows; marketing ads, jewelry and luxury products, news and media publishers, beauty and cosmetics, and fashion and apparel.

Celine Customer’s Journey

The target customers of CELINE come from both online and offline sources. They read and watch luxury ads of the brand in magazines and social media platforms; and check out the company’s product portfolio both online and by visiting the retail chain store. However, the great luxury in-store experience makes them buy the fashion products and accessories of the brand. They would either use and keep the product or return it to the brand.

Target Audience Demographic of Celine

The target audience demographic details of the CELINE brand are as follows;

  • Gender: 66% Females, 33% Males, kids
  • Age: 18 to 64
  • Education: tech aware
  • Occupation: Well-off and high income
  • Interests: fashion oriented
  • Social status: very high
  • Market: Worldwide

The target audience demographic of CELINE allows you to easily develop a buyer persona and customer avatar of the ideal customers. The company’s customers are well, education, a unique fashion brand, are socially active, higher income level, and prefer to show their artifacts.

Conclusion: Brand Analysis of Celine | Celine Brand Analysis | Fashion Brand Strategic Analysis of CELINE

After an in-depth study of the brand analysis of CELINE; we have realized that CELINE is the world’s leading luxury fashion brand. If you are learning about the Celine brand analysis; then you should keep in mind the abovementioned mission, vision, values; customer reviews, social media presence, marketing campaign analysis, web and social media traffic, customer journey, and target audience demographic.

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