Marketing Mix of Google Alphabet 

Google Alphabet Inc. is a technology, search engine, cloud computing, and advertising American conglomerate multinational company. Larry Page and Sergey Brin started the company in 1998. Today, we’ll discuss the marketing mix of Google Alphabet; the 4Ps and 7Ps elements in the mix; product, price, place, promotion, people, process, and physical evidence of the tech company as a marketing mix analysis company example.

The marketing mix of Google Alphabet would analyze the 4Ps of Google and the 7Ps of Google elements involved in the mix; product, price, place, promotion, people, process, and physical evidence. Here’s the Google Alphabet marketing mix analysis company example as follows;

Marketing Mix of Google Alphabet

Let’s discuss the 4Ps and 7Ps elements involved in the marketing mix of Google Alphabet as a marketing mix analysis company example; they’re as follows;

Product Mix of Google Alphabet

I-Search Engine

Google search engine is the top-selling and most reputed product and service of the tech giant company Alphabet Corporation. The company invests a significant amount of capital resources in research and development to improve the quality of searches; and continuously updates its algorithms to maintain its top position in the search engine category.

II-Advertising & Publisher

Google Advertising is the world’s leading online publishing and advertising platform. The company offers a vast variety of advertising services and solutions to the blogs and web platforms. In fact, a vast majority of the company’s revenue comes from advertising services.

III-Google Business Solutions

Google Alphabet offers various business solutions to companies that their employees can’t deal with search and internet-related problems on their own. The company offers both hardware and software services to the clients.

  • GB-5005 for important search services
  • GB-1001 for small companies
  • GB-8008 for centralized businesses

IV-Google Store & Play Store

The retail store of Google Alphabet offers various products to the customers like caps, copies, shirts, bags, and others. The Google Play Store provides online services, applications, and solutions to Android users.


YouTube is an online video streaming platform and subsidiary brand of Google Alphabet that the company acquired in 2007. It contributes significantly to the revenue and profitability of the tech giant conglomerate.

VI-Google Docs & Google Chrome

Google Docs is another highly popular service of Google Alphabet comprising word documents, excel sheets, and various other documents. It allows users to create and save documents online. In fact, the company offers Google Chrome laptop devices with Docs embedded in them for students and office professionals.

Price Strategy of Google Alphabet

I-Low Price

Google Alphabet follows a low pricing strategy and offers a vast variety of free services to users. In fact, the company has established a separate term for Froogle for free services.

II-Value of Goods & Services

The pricing strategy of Google Alphabet is heavily dependent on the value that the company provides for its goods and services. The company also keeps in mind various factors and elements while charging from its clients; they’re as follows;

  • Allowances
  • List price
  • Payment period
  • Discounts
  • Payment terms and conditions

III-Google Ad-Words

Google Ad-Words is an advertising platform of Google Alphabet. The company charges different prices for its advertisement services based on the specific keywords, their ranking, demand, and bidding rate.

Place Strategy of Google Alphabet

I-Online & Offline Worldwide Network

Google Alphabet has established a worldwide network of online billions of users. Along with online work, the company has established base offices in various regions and countries across the world. For instance, 3 locations in America, 5 in the middle east, 23 in Europe, and 13 in Asia.

II-Employees & Workforce

Google Alphabet has employed more than 184,502 employees to manage its global operations; technological tools and equipment. The company has also set up a search team and it focuses on gathering data from various countries across the world; the company scrutinizes it later.

Promotion Strategy of Google Alphabet

I-Words of Mouth Marketing

Google Alphabet heavily relies on word-of-mouth marketing and promotion. The company offers free, low-cost, and quality services to its users; the satisfied users share their experience with other people in their social network.

II-Sponsoring Links & Ads

While offering any advertising services to the clients, the company specifically mentions the sponsored links or sponsored content. It has allowed the company to establish a large network of loyal users and it helps them to differentiate between organic content and sponsored content.

III-Advertisement & Marketing

In order to spread brand awareness, Google Alphabet also employs traditional media channels like TV, radio, print media, billboards, and social media platforms for the promotion of its products and services.

We have just discussed the 4Ps of Google Alphabet Marketing Mix Analysis. The remaining three elements are part of the 7Ps of Google Alphabet Marketing Mix Analysis; they’re as follows;

People Strategy of Google Alphabet

Google Alphabet has employed over 184000 employees to manage its global operations. The top priority of the tech company is to hire geniuses and intelligent people in its team. However, the company encourages its employees and team members to promote their personal hobbies and interests and streamline them with the company.

Process Strategy of Google Alphabet

Google Alphabet engages in various processes and activities to improve the quality of its searches, products, and services. For instance, the company analyzes what people are searching for and what its algorithm delivers. The company continuously updates its algorithm to improve and refine the quality of its searches and services based on the needs and wishes of customers.

Physical Evidence of Google Alphabet

The logo, hundreds of base offices, employees, tools and equipment, smartphones, and billions of users are the physical evidence of Google Alphabet.

Conclusion: Google Alphabet Marketing Mix Company Example | 4Ps of Google & 7Ps of Google Marketing Mix 

After an in-depth study of the marketing mix of Google Alphabet; we have realized that Google Alphabet is a tech giant and search engine multinational corporation. If you are learning about the Google Alphabet marketing mix analysis company example; then you should keep in mind the abovementioned 4Ps and 7Ps of Google elements involved in the mix; product, price, place, promotion, people, process, and physical evidence.

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