Marketing Strategy of Airbnb

Airbnb is the world’s leading online rental lodging service providing company. It allows people to rent out their houses, rooms, apartments, and properties for tourists and travelers. Today, we’ll discuss the marketing strategy of Airbnb; key elements, SEO practices, and top strategies of Airbnb.

SEO Strategies of Airbnb

  • Regularly updating their booking calendar on their web platform
  • Setting market competitive pricing
  • Instant booking features allowed guests to quickly book rented places
  • Inquiry response time is speedy
  • Limited cancelation and rejection of bookings
  • Choosing top-quality pictures and photos
  • Adding a well-comprehensive listing description
  • Detailed customer profile information
  • Providing market-competitive services
  • Backlinking of Airbnb on other high-traffic websites
  • Multiple sources generate organic traffic like websites, pictures, captions, and others

Key Safety Elements of Airbnb Marketing Strategy 

Some of the main precautionary measures and safety elements of the marketing strategy of Airbnb are as follows;

Trust & Safety

Airbnb has developed a safe and trusted network comprising dedicated team members. They regularly analyze and respond to recognized issues by increasing the trustworthiness and safety of their web platform.

Clear Refund Policy

Airbnb provides property insurance to the hosts to cover the potential damages to their rented property. It decreases the worrisome feelings of unpredictable events and damage. However, the platform also provides a clear refund policy to the guests to compensate guests if the rented property doesn’t meet their expectations. The security features protect both hosts and guests.

Guest & Host Communication

Airbnb promotes and facilitates direct communication between hosts and guests. It leads them to have an open dialogue and discussion about their expectations and demands. Guests would feel relaxed when they have open and deeper communication with the hosts and clearly share their expectations.

Reviews & Rating

The reviews and rating system of the online rental platform Airbnb assures both hosts and guests of one another services. It helps upcoming visitors to make informed decisions about the experiences of the previous guests and hosts of the place.

Verification & Profiling

Airbnb allows users to set up a comprehensive user profile by including true and verified information about their image, personal information, and contact information. The authenticity and transparency of both parties would lead them to have a better comprehension of one another while connecting.

Top Practices of Marketing Strategy of Airbnb

Let’s discuss the top practices of the marketing strategy of Airbnb; they’re as follows;

Targeted Advertising

Airbnb implements the targeted advertisement campaign by precisely targeting the specific demographic market segments. The online rental lodging platform launches the market campaigns based on customer insight and data analytics. However, they make sure that it resonates with the specific segment of the customer market; it spreads brand awareness and attracts mass customer markets.

Brand Awareness

Airbnb invests a significant amount of capital resources in building a brand image and increasing brand awareness in the travel industry. The web rental platform has established a market position as an innovative and disruptive brand that offers unique accommodation and staying experiences to travelers. However, the company does so by launching strategic advertisement campaigns, PR efforts, and sponsorships.

Blogs & User Generate Content

Airbnb employs the power of small life stories blogs and user-generated content. The platform requests its users, hosts, and guests to share their accommodation experiences and unique life stories on various social media platforms. However, this strategic approach helps the company to promote brand awareness of its platform and establish a loyal database of customers.

Word of Mouth Marketing

Airbnb is one of those companies that is successfully implementing word-of-mouth marketing campaigns. In fact, the company offers incentives to the users for referring the platform to their friends and acquaintances to join the platform. The online rental and lodging platform is fully aware of the significance of word-of-mouth marketing campaigns, and it focuses on captivating narratives and unique experiences.

Worldwide Network

Airbnb has established a global network and community of hosts and guests and it played a key role in the growth and success of the platform. The platform allows people to connect, share stories, and develop lifelong friendships from different backgrounds and cultures. This unique feature differentiates the online lodging platform Airbnb from the traditional choices and it promotes intimate experiences of people.

Increasing Services

Airbnb is the pioneer in the online rental lodging industry, and the company is expanding its services from renting spare rooms and mattresses. The company has launched a feature by the name of “experiences” and it helps guests to participate in local activities.

The diversification strategy attracted a wide range of customers and amplified the overall travel experiences. It allowed the company to enter the vacation rental market and helped the property owners list and rent out their properties and houses. It has allowed the company to offer various types of experiences to customers and guests from lavish getaways to the cozy stay in the local neighborhood.

Market Competitive Fairs

Setting a suitable price plays a key role; because either too expensive or inexpensive rental lodging doesn’t increase the booking and profitability. Airbnb implements a dynamic pricing strategy, where the company charges different pricing on different days and seasons. However, the price ranges from high to low season, and the company keeps on adjusting its fair.

Facebook Page

Facebook is the world’s leading social media platform and the company employs the social media platform for its growth. For instance, the hosts create their business page on Facebook and link it with the company’s listing. They can post relevant information, pictures, and videos for the guests like the top attractive and cultural activities in the area; and the availability of rooms in the rooms.


Instagram is also a very popular social media platform among young audiences with millions of daily active users and billions monthly. It provides a great opportunity for the hosts to share pictures of their rental space and attract the attention of tourists and travelers.

Coordinating with Social Media Influencers

Social media influencers could be celebrities, public figures, or industry experts and they have a huge fan following. If the online rental platform Airbnb collaborates with them and they share a story about their visit experience in the particular rental lodging; then it would boost the growth rate and attract a lot of new visitors.

Conclusion: Airbnb Marketing Strategy Company Example

After an in-depth study of the marketing strategy of Airbnb; we have realized that Airbnb is the world’s leading online rental lodging platform. If you are learning about the Airbnb marketing strategy example company; then you should keep in mind the abovementioned elements, benefits, and top practices.

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