7Ps of Digital Marketing Mix 4Ps 

Digital marketing or online marketing uses internet-based tech devices like smartphones, laptops, and computers to perform marketing and advertisement. Technological development and transformation laid the foundation of digital marketing in the late 1990s and the early 2000s. Today, we’ll discuss the 7Ps of digital marketing mix 4Ps; digital elements involved in the mix; product, price, place, promotion, people, process, and physical evidence; as digital marketing channel mix or digital media mix.

The 7Ps of digital marketing mix 4Ps would analyze the online elements involved in the mix; product, price, place, promotion, people, process, and physical evidence. Here are the 4Ps of digital marketing channel mix or digital media mix as follows;

7Ps of Digital Marketing Mix 4Ps

Let’s discuss the 7Ps of digital marketing mix 4Ps as the digital marketing channel mix or digital media mix; they’re as follows;

Product Mix Strategy of Digital Marketing

Some of the main elements of the product mix strategy of the online marketing mix are as follows;

I-Software or Application

Applications or software are very popular digital products and they allow users and people to guide, assist, entertain, and improve growth and productivity in their work, operations, and processes. Some of the main software are as follows;

  • Video editing software
  • Social media mobile or web applications
  • Traveling guide software or apps
  • Educational and learning apps
  • Entertainment apps
  • Mathematical tools and apps  
  • Websites or web tools

II-Digital Content

Digital content is another very common and famous digital product that many people nowadays use in their personal and professional lives. Some of the main digital content products are as follows;

  • E-book
  • Online audio or videos
  • E-painting
  • Online design or structure
  • Written content
  • Online courses
  • Blogs


The service portfolio is huge under the digital product segment. Some of the main online services are as follows;

  • SEO services
  • Website building and development services
  • Video and photo editing services
  • Online tracking services
  • Data security services
  • Data recovery services
  • Cloud hosting services
  • Writing services
  • Accounting services

Price Strategy of Digital Marketing


Freemium is a great digital pricing strategy that many online and tech businesses and companies implement. It allows them to attract the attention of online users in the relevant category. Often, tech companies offer limited features in their freemium version; if the visitors want more; they have to pay for the additional premium services.

Some of the main freemium products and services with limited features are as follows;

  • Windows
  • MS Office Suits
  • Google Photos
  • Gmail
  • Skype

II-One-Time Purchase Payment

Microsoft Windows or Android OS is a great example of a one-type purchase payment of digital pricing strategy. Online customers and users pay the company one-time to earn the license to use the online product under specific terms and conditions of the company.

III-Subscription Based

Some tech companies follow the subscription-based digital pricing model. For instance, Netflix, Google Drive, Skype, and other cloud service-providing companies follow subscription-based pricing models. The customers have to pay a specific amount to service providers monthly or annually. In order to keep subscribers paying for the services; they need to regularly update their content and features to attract the attention of customers.

Place Strategy of Digital Marketing


Websites, web platforms, or blogs are the digital places that people visit for multiple reasons and purposes. They could be educational, learning, entertaining, chatting, or something else.


As the name implies, the web marketplace is a form of digital marketplace; where people can buy and sell their products and services to potential clients and customers.

III-Online Store

Online stores are just like physical brick-and-mortar stores but they are digital and online. They allow customers to shop things online; check, and complete the payment transaction; and the store delivers the product to the customer’s doorsteps. For instance, Amazon, Walmart, and Alibaba are the world’s leading online stores.

Promotion Strategy of Digital Marketing

I-Digital Advertising

Digital advertisement is equally same as traditional advertisement. But here you employ digital media channels like Google Searches, Sponsored Posting on Social Media Platforms, Blog Posting, Email Marketing, or others.

II-Public Relations

Social media influencers and other celebrities perform public relations on digital media channels. Companies hire PR experts, public figures, influencers, and other celebrities for the promotion of their products and services in their social network and following base.

III-Organic Traffic

Organic traffic means beating the competition in the searches and becoming top of the list in the search engine. Digital marketers and tech professionals employ various search engine optimization (SEO) strategies to come on top of the searches.

We have just discussed the digital marketing 4Ps; the remaining three elements are part of the 7Ps of digital marketing mix as digital marketing channel mix or digital media mix; they’re as follows;

People Strategy of Digital Marketing

I-Customer Support Service or Chatbots

Online chatbots or digital customer support services are the digital people strategy of the companies. They allow their users and customers to text, call, or email them anytime 24/7, and the company’s representative will answer their queries and fix their problems online.

Process Strategy of Digital Marketing

Businesses and companies perform various digital processes to increase the customer satisfaction level. Some of the main online processes are as follows;

  • Analytics – rendering and processing to offer a key insight to the users on their requests
  • Performance – tracking the analytical or statistical performance when users demand it
  • Validation – sending a pin-code to the users’ cell number to verify and validate their authenticity

Physical Evidence Strategy of Digital Marketing

Social Media Platforms, Brand Designs, and User Engagement on various media channels are the digital physical evidence of the online presence of tech businesses and companies. In fact, digital and online technology has become an essential part of our lives; we rely on it for various personal and professional processes and functions.

Conclusion: 7Ps of Digital Marketing Mix 4Ps | Digital Marketing Channel Mix |Digital Media Mix 

After an in-depth study of the 7Ps of digital marketing mix 4Ps; we have realized that digital marketing channel mix plays a key role in our lives. If you are learning about digital media mix; then you should keep in mind the abovementioned 7Ps and 4Ps of digital marketing mix; product, price, place, promotion, people, process, and physical evidence.

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