Marketing Mix of Ford Motor Company 

Ford Motor Company is an American automobile multinational company. Henry Ford founded the automobile company in 1903. Today, we’ll discuss the marketing mix of Ford and; the 4Ps and 7Ps elements involved in the mix; product, price, place, promotion, people, process, and physical evidence of the automotive company as a marketing mix of Ford.

The marketing mix of Ford Motor Company would analyze the 4Ps and 7Ps elements involved in the mix; product, price, place, promotion, people, process, and physical evidence. Here’s the Ford marketing mix analysis example company as follows;

Marketing Mix of Ford Motor Company

Let’s discuss the 4Ps and 7Ps of Ford Motor Company elements involved in the marketing mix of Ford Motor Company as marketing mix Example Company; they’re as follows;

Product Mix of Ford

I-Diversified Portfolio

Ford Motor Company has established a well-diversified automobile vehicle portfolio comprising a wide range and types of vehicles in multiple categories; other automotive parts and services. They’re as follows;

  • Financial services – Ford Motor Credit Company
  • Automotive parts 
  • Lincoln store – retail and repair shop
  • Buses – Ford Minibus in Europe with different seating capacity
  • Trucks – duty trucks, large vehicles, and light vans
  • Tractors 
  • Automobile – luxury, economy, and sports cars
  • Cars – Ecosport, Fiesta, Endeavour, Fusion, Figo

II-Features & Functions Variety

Ford offers a unique interior design with leather seating, spacious cabins, and a sound system. Some of the key functional features of Ford vehicles are as follows;

  • High visibility with a built-in camera
  • Steps for easy bed access
  • Power tailgate

Price Strategy of Ford

I-Segmented Pricing

Ford implements a segmented pricing strategy and it allows the company to charge different prices for types of vehicles from various customers. Here, the company divides the customer markets into various segments.

II-Penetration Pricing

When it comes to launching a new vehicle product line or entering a new market; Ford follows the penetration pricing strategy. It helps the company to earn the market share.

III-Dynamic Pricing

Ford implements a dynamic pricing strategy relevant to the market demands and keeping in mind the exclusive elements; luxury and performance of the vehicle.

IV-Competitive Pricing

As the name implies, Ford charges market-competitive pricing in a highly competitive environment; while covering the company’s cost and profitability.

V-Value Based Pricing

Ford also implements a value-based pricing strategy and it follows the principle of the perceived value of the vehicle from the customer’s perspective.

Place Strategy of Ford

I-Distribution Channels

Ford has developed a worldwide supply chain and distribution network and it plays a key role in the growth and global presence of the automotive brand. Along with a physical network, Ford has also built an e-commerce platform to directly approach the end customers and offers online payment options.

II-Dealership Network

Ford has also established a strong dealership network in various countries across the world. It offers customer support, sales, and services to Ford automotive customers.

Promotion Strategy of Ford

I-Sponsoring Events

Ford is the top sponsor of the world’s mega sporting events, and it helps the company to approach the mass audience and connect with them. Some of the main events that the company has employed over the years are as follows;

  • Premier League Football
  • Sky Media Channel
  • UEFA Champions League

II-Traditional & Online Media Channels

Ford employs various traditional and online media channels for the marketing, advertisement, and promotion of its automobiles, parts, and services. They’re like social media platforms, newspapers, magazines, TV, radio, and others.

III-Sales Promotion

In order to attract the attention of existing and potential customers, Ford introduces various types of promotional offers like trade-ins, special offers, discounts, and others.


Ford is a corporate socially responsible organization by shows interest and commitment to the environment, society, and employees. It has allowed the company to establish a strong brand influence.

We just have discussed the 4Ps of Ford Motor Company. The remaining 3 elements are part of the 7Ps of Ford marketing mix analysis Example Company; they’re as follows;

People Strategy of Ford

Ford Motor Company puts a lot of emphasis on the growth and development of its employees. In fact, the company has built such workplace culture that gives top priority to the people, customers, and employees. The brand strongly believes in a diverse workplace environment, coordination, and collaboration with people to deal with various challenges.

Process Strategy of Ford

Ford Motor Company conducts various processes and operations for the smooth functioning of its business ventures. Some of the main processes that the company performs are as follows;

  • Raw material sourcing and procurement
  • Production and manufacturing
  • Network in 125 countries
  • BLUEOVAL City for electric automobile production, research, and operations
  • Battery Park Michigan
  • Ford Credit offers financial services to customers

Physical Evidence of Ford

The automobiles, spare vehicles, repair and maintenance services, authorized shops, and stores of Ford Motor Company all are the physical evidence of the company’s existence. The company engages in various types of charities and social works to strengthen its brand image and reputation in the customer market.

Conclusion: Ford Marketing Mix Analysis Company Example |4Ps of Ford & 7Ps of Ford Marketing Mix 

After an in-depth study of the marketing mix of Ford Motor Company; we have realized that Ford Motor Company is the world’s leading automobile brand. If you are learning about the Ford marketing mix analysis example company; then you should keep in mind the abovementioned 4Ps and 7Ps of Ford Motor Company; product, price, place, promotion, people, process, and physical evidence.

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