Marketing Strategy of Samsung 

Samsung is the world’s leading consumer manufacturing company. The focus of marketing and advertising strategy is to launch creatively designed superior quality products and facilitate it with promotional and branding campaigns. Today, we’ll discuss the marketing strategy of Samsung advertising strategy; the brand position of Samsung marketing campaigns; digital and social media marketing strategy of Samsung.

Brand Positioning of Samsung 

The goal of Samsung is to develop unique brand positioning by employing cutting-edge tech innovations in order to attract the attention of target customers. Some of the key elements of the brand positioning of Samsung are as follows; they are a part of the marketing strategy of Samsung;

Tech Innovation and R&D

Samsung allocates a significant amount of capital resources to research and development for technological innovation to achieve a competitive edge. The company has transformed and shifted its focus toward smartphones, chipsets, and LCDs relevant to the changing interests of consumers. During the consumer electronic product crisis back in 2008 and 2009; the company allocated 6% of its revenue (7 billion USD) to research and development. It shows the company’s commitment to innovative technology.

Designing & Development

Innovative technology doesn’t guarantee that your business will succeed in the market. For this purpose, Samsung focuses on product design and development to attract the attention of customers and gain a competitive edge. The product development could be in the form of high-quality cameras, attractive images, and stylish design. It requires the team of designers to collaborate with the engineering department and develop innovative and stylish products for customers.

Excellent Customer Service

The focus of Samsung is to offer excellent customer service to the customers. The company has developed a specific customer support team that has the capability to efficiently respond to customer inquiries and issues. The customer support service has allowed the company to establish a strong brand positioning along with building a loyal database of customers.

Samsung Marketing Campaigns 

Samsung has launched various marketing campaigns over the years on different subjects. Some of the main Samsun marketing campaigns are as follows;

Look At Me Campaign

Samsung launched the “Look at Me” strategic marketing campaign addressing social issues. It focuses on children with autism disease and promotes communication development among them via interpreting facial expressions and maintaining eye contact with them.  

Do What You Can’t Campaign

Samsung launched the “do what you can’t” inspirational marketing campaign to boost the morale of people and motivate them to do things that others can’t do.

Join The Flip Side Campaign

Samsung introduced the “join the flip side campaign” and it begins with the dialogue of “I’d never switch to Samsung, I love my phone.” It is to target the loyal customers of Apple who can’t comprehend the notion of switching to another smartphone brand.

Smartphone Line Campaign

Samsung launched the “smartphone line” marketing campaign to have the digital line for its model Galaxy S4, rather than lining up outside the stores. In order to move up in the digital line, Fans had to share its features, like, and comment on social media. If they had received more re-shares, likes, and comments, they would have ranked up in the line.

Olympic Line Campaign

Samsung has been partnered up with Olympic Games for the past more than two decades. The Olympic Games marketing campaign allows the company to connect with the customers in real-time and offers them a unique game experience and enjoy the games together.

India, Ready, Action! Campaign

Samsung launched the “India, Ready, Action!” marketing campaign to motivate Indian people to finish the stereotypes among them; and share the real beauty of India.

Ingenious Campaign

Samsung launched the “Indigenous” marketing campaign, and it achieved great success. It focused on the flaws of the Apple model while comparing it with the Samsung S9 model. It highlighted the fact that the superior brand doesn’t live up to high-quality standards.

Growing up Campaign

Samsung launched the “growing up” marketing campaign to focus on the weaknesses and flaws of its competitive brand Apple. They are like needing adopters, no water resistance, high battery consumption, and limited storage.

Advertising & Marketing Strategy of Samsung 

Let’s discuss the advertising and marketing strategy of Samsung, and it is as follows;

Digital Marketing Strategy of Samsung

Samsung digital marketing strategy has been highly successful by focusing on offering a unique customer experience; crafting inspirational messages, having a risk-taking attitude, and believing in yourself. Some of the key elements of Samsung digital marketing strategy are as follows;

  • Establishing an emotional connection with users when they communicate with their loved ones with Samsung
  • Simple and convenient life with company devices
  • How users engage with the device would impact their life

SEO Strategy of Samsung

Samsung has built a well-SEO-optimized company’s website and it ranks top in Google searches. The domain name of the company has achieved an excellent score of 94. However, the keyword Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra ranks first after Samsung.

Social Media Strategy of Samsung

Samsung has established a very dominant position on social media platforms and the company pays close heed to the latest trends in the smartphone market. The objective of Samsung social media content is to engage and connect with customers and promote its products. In fact, the company has established a network on various social media platforms;

  • 6.52 million Subscribers on Youtube
  • 46 million Likes and Followers on Facebook
  • 1.4 million followers on Instagram
  • 2 million followers on TikTok

Influencer Marketing Strategy of Samsung

The other important element of its advertising strategy of Samsung is that the company partners with social media influencers and celebrities for the promotion of its brand and products. The public figures have got a large data of followers and partnering up with them helps the company to maintain its leadership position.

For instance, Samsung partnered up with the famous South Korean Band BTS in 2021 and hired them as brand ambassadors to give brand exposure to their fans.

Conclusion: Samsung Marketing Strategy 

After an in-depth study of the marketing strategy of Samsung advertising strategy; we have realized that Samsung is the world’s leading Smartphone manufacturing brand. If you are learning about the brand position of Samsung or the advertising strategy of Samsung; then you should keep in mind the abovementioned elements.

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