Marketing Mix of Apple 

Apple is the world’s leading tech giant American multinational company. Ronald Wayne, Steve Jobs, and Steve Wozniak founded the tech company in 1976. Today, we’ll discuss the marketing mix of Apple; it will focus on the 4Ps of Apple 7Ps marketing mix analysis and the marketing strategy of Apple.

The marketing mix of Apple would analyze the 4Ps of Apple, the 7Ps, and marketing strategy and various elements involved like product, price, place, promotion, people, process, and promotion. Here’s the 4Ps of Apple marketing mix analysis as follows;

Marketing Mix of Apple 

Some of the main 4Ps and 7Ps elements involved in the marketing strategy and marketing mix of Apple; it starts with the 4Ps of Apple and then Apple 7Ps marketing mix analysis;

Product Mix of Apple


Mac is the pioneering product of Apple which Steve Jobs launched first in 1984. Mac was the first ever personal computer with a mouse and graphical interface that the company offered to the public. Apple has launched its various models over the years and it still is very popular among the public. Some of the models of Mac computers are as follows;

  • MacBook
  • Pro MacBook
  • Air MacBook
  • Pro Mac
  • iMac


iPhone is a very popular smartphone product of Apple and it is the earliest smartphone that the company introduced with touchpad features. The designer integrated the smartphone and iPod features into the iPhone. Apple has introduced various tech features in iPhone and iPhone 15 Pro Max is the latest model.

III-Apple Watches

It is a smart watch by Apple that allows users to analyze their heartbeat, exercise, and fitness schedule.

IV-Software & Services

In order to gain a competitive edge, Apple offers a wide range of software and services like Mac OS, iOS, iCloud, Apple TV, Pay, Music, Store, Card, One, and others.


Just like the iPhone, Apple has launched various versions of the iPod over the years; it is a portable version of a digital music player. Some of the models of the iPod are as follows;

  • Shuffle iPod
  • Nano iPod
  • Touch iPod


Soon after launching the iPad, Apple introduced the iPad and it immediately attracted the attention of customers. iPad is a combination of both a smartphone and a laptop.

Price Strategy of Apple

I-Premium Pricing Strategy of Apple

Apple has earned worldwide recognition for launching innovative products with superior quality in the industry. That’s why Apple implements a premium pricing strategy for its products to give the impression that its products have employed advanced technology and unique features.

However, the tech brand doesn’t decrease its prices to make it affordable to everyone. Rather the company focuses on creating a perception of providing excellent user experience, and it helps the company to justify its premium pricing. The company offers the highest quality, excellent components and materials, and stylish design. Resultantly, Apple product users don’t switch to other brands, because they’re accustomed to the highest quality.

II-Price Skimming Strategy of Apple

Along premium pricing strategy, Apple also implements a price skimming strategy and charges low prices for the previous models. The company follows the strategic approach for all of its products like iPhone, iPad, and others. However, Apple is operating its business globally and implements different prices in various geographies. The reason for geographical pricing is because of the different exchange rates in different relevant to US dollars.

Place of Apple

I-Online Store

Apple has an e-commerce store and official website and it allows users to buy the latest products from the company. It is highly beneficial for those customers who don’t have access to the physical stores of Apple in their geographical region.

II-Apple Store

Apple has established a network of more than 526 retail Apple stores in 20 countries across the world. The tech company builds its stores near shopping malls, urban areas, or high-traffic areas. However, the interior design of Apple is spacious; use the product and receive assistance from the customer care service providers of the company.

III-Retailer & Wholesaler

Apple develops partnerships with leading retailers and wholesalers, and those authorized retailers and wholesalers sell Apple’s products and services. Some of them are as follows;

  • London – Carphone Warehouse and Argos
  • New York – Mobile Guru and T-Mobile

IV-3rd Party Network Provider

Verizon Communications, Vodafone Group, and AT&T are the cellular network service providers. They also sell the Smartphones of Apple along with their products.

V-Value Added Reseller

Apple also hires some professional resellers and those authorized resellers offer customized solutions to the customers in specific markets.

Promotion of Apple

I-Direct to Point

Not every person shows interest in reading the lengthy promotional material content or pays attention to it for a long time. Apple is aware of this fact and that’s why its advertisement campaigns are direct to the point. However, such types of ads focus on offering a unified message to the target customer market.

II-Elegant Promotion

The elegant promotional campaign Apple employs traditional media channels like print media and TV. The key element and feature of Apple’s ads is that they are very simple; the company launches its ads with white and elegant backgrounds.

III-Limited Price Based Offer

You won’t see Apple’s products and services on sale offer; it is because of the premium pricing strategy of the company. The premium quality and high prices justify the premium nature of Apple’s products.

The remaining elements are part of the 7Ps of Apple marketing mix analysis; we have just discussed the 4Ps of Apple.

People Strategy of Apple

In order to provide a positive and unique experience to the customers, Apple invests a significant amount of resources on its people and employees. The tech brand offers them training because the learned and experienced employees would serve customers better.

According to an estimate, Apple created roundabout 2 million employment opportunities in 50 states of the US. Many experts have criticized the employment and security check policy of the company.

Process of Apple

Apple has a specific strategic approach for its processes and they make sure that the company offers seamless and efficient customer experience. The company has invested a significant amount of resources in automated order process, delivery, and return. Their objective is to provide a quick and efficient experience to the customers.

Physical Environment of Apple

Apple allocates a significant amount of resources for developing a physical environment. The focus of its design is to attract and appeal to the attention of customers and to please them aesthetically. However, the physical environment of Apple comprises of following elements;

  • Brand logo
  • Product design
  • Apple physical stores
  • Website interface

Conclusion: Apple 7Ps Marketing Mix

After an in-depth study of the marketing mix of Apple; we have realized that Apple is the world’s leading tech giant company. If you are learning about the 4Ps and 7Ps of Apple marketing mix analysis and marketing strategy of Apple; then you should keep in mind the abovementioned elements.

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